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Our Danes

Our Danes are our babies, they are raised in our home with love & respect to the breed. They get treated homeopathically, & they are also all on the Raw Food Diet, which we believe is the best to feed the breed.

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Titus was our first Dane. It's hard to believe that a now 165 pound lovable dog, was once a 9 pound puppy when we brought him home. He is our pride & joy. He is very outgoing & loves attention.

A typical Scooby Doo/Marmaduke Dane.

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Kenyon was our second addition. She is a great girl with an enthusiastic nature about her. She always wants to aim to please, & never wants to get you upset. She is the Einstein of the bunch. If she wants something, whether it's water, a toy, or simply to go outside, she takes you by the hand with her mouth & brings you to whatever it is she needs.
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Our third baby is Marlie. She is a great girl, very intuitive to what you are thinking & always tries to stay one step ahead of you. She is full of life & also aims to please.
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And last but not least there is Picasso, our handsome offspring of Kenyon & Titus. He was born May 24th of 2005 & will be used in our future breeding programs. He is a goofy, lovable guy like his dad & is a great addition to our family.

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